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File:Swarm Architecture I - building new transaction spaces.pdf

File:Swarm Architecture II.pdf

File:Out of Control.pdf

File:Designing and Manufacturing Architecture in the Digital Age.pdf

File:Architecture, Luquid, gas - 4dspace.pdf

File:Media House Project.pdf

File:Metaphysics of Genetic Architecture and Computation Architectural Design.pdf

File:Otherwise Engaged -New Projects in Interactive Design (4dsocial).pdf

File:Playing with Art (4dsocial).pdf

File:Latour-Give me a gun.pdf

File:Latour-Networks Societies Spheres.pdf

File:Pask-architectural relevance of cybernetics.pdf

File:ARCHITECTURAL DNA.pdf (read before lecture by Michela Turrin)

File:Design explorations of performance driven geometry in architectural design.pdf (read before lecture by Michela Turrin)

File:Integrated design of a large span roof.pdf (read before lecture by Michela Turrin)

File:A file Structure for the Complex, the changing, and the Indeterminate.pdf

File:As we may think.pdf

File:Free Stochastic Music.PDF

File:The medium is the message.PDF

File:Will there be condominiums in Data Space.pdf

Video material:

Saskia Sassen at Audi Urban Future Summit

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