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Joost Noorden - Atom 1 : HyperPublic

Joost Noorden

My Fascination is the creating of complex forms best suited to deal with engineering problems. This can be either dealing with structure, climate, material aspects etc. I would also like to do research in natural patterns, and how they can help us architects and engineers to create natural beauty and uncommon solutions to design problems. Next to this my goal is to learn what kind of design questions or input lies behind this complex formed architecture and of course how to create this myself by learning how to use the right tools. The specialization I chose within this atom is the structural engineer, as seen in the slide. This is one of the three supports to create a sustainable design.

Next to my study I set up my own company to do some rendering and small design work. In the future I want to convert this company to my own architectural office. For the moment it is mostly to make buisiness connections to build upon when I graduate, and ofcourse to make some money. At the moment two projects are designed which will be build in the upcomming time. Next to this I worked internly at Bonnema Architects (Hurdagaryp, Friesland) and I joined the Solar Decathlon 2012 project for one semester.

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