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Walter Aprile's expertise is in interactive technologies applied to design, with a focus on protototyping. He also does research on technology sketching and food-related topics.

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First meeting:

A. The overall interface will be a three-part system :

1. User interface - via a website similar to Facebook or other social network websites (eg. Myspace,, etc). The possibility of adapting a game-interface was discussed.

2. Management interface - which the manager entity of the site uses to control & evaluate various areas (e.g. managers can block parts of the site from long-term booking, can see the popular permutations of the site activity, can receive feedback for maintenance, etc).

3. A physical interface - on site, possibly a "physical stick" part analog, part digital.

B. Whatever interface will be implemented, the most successful interface is one the user already knows. If the user has to learn a new interface then it has to be worth it (e.g. the Adobe software suite interface is somewhat difficult to learn but provides for greater functionality).

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