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Michela Turrin is a PhD researcher at Design Informatics since November 2006. Her current research explores the digital supports for performance oriented design, specifically focusing on parametric design of adjustable systems for using on site energy resources. Since 2008 she teaches at the Computation and Performance Lab of the MSc Design Informatics program.

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First meeting:

A. Problems with the proposed Bubble-System:

1. The scale of the system and the maximum roof height (of five meters) do not seem to work together. For this amount of height the bubbles themselves would have to be very big and this does not allow for the desired spatial flexibility.

2. It is very difficult to achieve the floor & Bubble System while at the same time maintaining the elasticity of the floor. By constantly stretching the floor this creates stress in the material and the floor will at one point break. The solution of not deforming the floor for every demand was considered.

B. Alternative Systems:

1. Continuous System: an elastic system of inflatables that are the structure is possible.

2. Discrete System: a system of rigid pieces that are movable (e.g. telescopic members, piston-driven, folding structures). This is a more feasible system that can achieve the project spatial flexibility.


The structural implications of the project are possible and can be realized. The reconfiguration limits need to be detected in advance and the consequences of those limits have to be identified. The expert's suggestion was to start making small mock-up models and try out different materials, both physical and in 3D. For continuous, inflatable systems Andrew Borgart was mentioned.

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