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student interviews

We conducted interviews to understand the needs and desires of the people and define users and potential clients. The interviews have shown that there are two separate realities within the city.

At the same time, residents have said that they want to regain unity and participation.

In the end we want to keep in mind the users point of view, so we will also hear the residents of TU North and possibly the student associations of TU.

1. Diny Tubbing (city council, green spaces) Diny is an expert on green spaces and water in Delft, she wrote a report on the ecology of Delft. She validated our initial thoughts on creating a city park and linking the green to the larger green of the city. interview

2. Heleen Bothof & Pieter Delleman (residents association)

Heleen is an architect who studied at TU Delft, together with Pieter Delleman she is part of the residents association to improve TU North area in which they live and work.

They have validated our work in that they too want to create a city park interview

3. Michael van der Meer (Science Center, TU Delft)

Michael is the director of the Science Center, and as such has influence on TU related things that go on in the area, especially outwards. He validates our idea's in the interview on getting rid of the roads and confirmed idea's on expanding the program of the science center.


4. Students & Teachers

In the video interviews validate our idea that they not know that there is a park at all... it's a hole in the network. This requires a larger notable (physical) impact of the park on the area. Also it has been said that it can function as an impulse to the entire university when it has some additional (different) styles of program are introduced.

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