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- What attracts alumni?

Especially events that emphasize networking and skills for their career.

- What kind of functions do you organize for alumni?

We organize symposia(,


coach café (

Alumni chapters alumni who went to work outside the Netherlands and want to get in contact with other alumni organise a drink or dinner and we will help them out with a lecture and finance the event.

- Where do organize these activities?

If you mean where we hold them, it depends of the number of visitors. Symposia in the Aula, lectures across Holland which is the same for the Coach Café

- How many alumni are registered to your organization? We have about 45.000 alumni in our database.

- How many alumni attend at your activity’s? This differs greatly per activity. This year’s symposium will probably attract 750 people, but the Coach Café for example it’s about 50 people

- Who are the most active alumni? (for instance which faculty or age group) The most active ones are recently graduated alumni, who want to learn the tricks of the trade in career building and retired alumni who are less busy with work . Active on the social network, like LinkedIn or twitter are the alumni between 30 and 40 years old. Active on the Symposia are the alumni between 35 and 55 years old who wants to explore a larger network.

- What kind of activity is most popular? The symposium gets a lot of visitors because of the speakers.

- Do you know anything about already existing interaction between students and alumni? There are some vehicles to get something going between students and alumni but I don’t think they’ve been really successful. You have to think about what alumni get out of it: some might help students out kindness but it’s better to have something to offer in return for their help, preferably not involving a cash flow.

- Does the alumni office need a additional space, or is there a space/ facility you would like to use from time to time? I would have to say no. For events we need venues but usually that is not a problem.

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