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Users are important elements of the design process. They need to be incorporated in the project at an early stage. In order to begin with a broad spectrum some different actors where approached and asked what their thoughts and interest are for the project. Positive feedback from possible clients insured us that we are heading in the right direction. The foresight of having a meeting space has been accepted as an essential requirement for the different parties.

Main Validator

Stylos was very interested in the project and and proposed to us that they would like to be closely incorporated in the project. They even mentioned they would be interested in taking on a supervisory role of the site in the future.

List of validators


TU Delft Architecture Department - Susanna Komossa - Public realm Studio

Gallery Owner – Linda Ammerlaan

Ergonomics of Structure - Industrial Designer, Andre Taris

Software- Roxana Palfi (still to confirm) + Online Forums

Business Strategies- Yes Delft, Delft Design


The initial cost will be funded by:


Sponsors (materials)

TU Delft

Rent-able space from users will pay for future maintenance costs.

Client diagram-01.png


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