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The concept is to make a field of modular units which adapt to local environments and conditions. The units are independent from one another and have the ability to ascend and descend (vertically) to user’s needs. These units may contain different programmes. The main design question that was raised, was: How can Alumni benefit from the site?

Ideas for programmes on Site:

1. Exhibition. Competition for Research sponsorship. The university has a competition inviting all its old Alumni students. Alumni are asked to present new research ideas or projects that might need funding or assistance. The Alumni can then ask for assistance from the university to help clarify or research some ideas for the project. The winning idea/alumni members will receive assistance from the university. This will look like an exhibition where people are somehow able to vote.

2. A landscape , in this modus the intervention will attract people and enable them to experience the site in a nice way (think of sun, wind and noise orientation), here the elements wil form the seating area.

3. A stage, some raise elements could be raised as a platform where all sort of activities are possible.

4. A inside space, in this space it will be possible to enjoy lectures, or present more delicate Technical inventions.

5. A field, If kids would like to soccer here some couloms could form the goals.

Collectively, the units can form to make:

Landscape to sit on

Lecture hall

Path ways between exhibition spaces.

Landscape Seating Arrangement Exhibition Space Lecture Hall


All actors with a background in academia. Alumni, current students and future students (children visiting the Science Centre), public and Companies

Why these actors?

We realized that the site was surrounded by many influential actors and mostly those with academic roles. Large institutions don’t benefit from the park. Providing a platform, in which academics can meet and discuss current ideas will help strengthen the bond between students and alumni outside the walls of the university. We questioned whether students come back to the university after they have graduated, and wanted to create a connection between the practical work and academic.


Our main challenge for the project is to populate the site. We want more people to benefit from the positive qualities of the site. Also to create a network for linking different actors.

We would like to see:

More Interaction between Alumni and Students.

More public exposure of student projects.

Let future academic give an insight in the academic world.

A park that is appreciated by its users.

How can we organize alumni and students to meet in the park ?

Alumni interest: working on site, with good contacts close and possibilities to combine in to new groups. joining lectures and professional activities. reuniting with old friends gaining new contacts?

Alumni part of the education process.

Give Alumni a voice in University decisions

The most importantly Alumni should benefit from the site and the interaction with other academic.

Students interest:

Enjoying the outside space.

Lunch time outside

Meeting for potential future jobs/internships

Interesting lectures


Career days

Peer to peer funding


‘Place to be for interaction’

Alumni Ambassadors

How is the site different to other meeting places on the Campus? What is its identity?

Buildings like Aula, which are often used for meetings or conferences have a fixed programme and set parameters. It is a cafeteria and only lecture halls, it is static.

It does not have a strong symbolic meaning (e.g. city hall, culturally accepted to be place for meeting)

Conference and exhibition Centre’s are often formal, this should be more informal, no fixed program

Why would the actors be interested to meet?

Job opportunities Research – facilitates opportunity for contact for industry and academy to meet and exchange ideas and research proposal

They should be able to benefit van each other Alumni can help students find their way in the architecture world students can introduce alumni in new technique’s and developments

Animated-concept-26-11 smaller.gif


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