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Concept 2

Problem Statement:

The site has some unique quality's. The open green space is already one of a kind in the surrounding, adding the biological diversity and the central position between different institutes and programs it is clear this space has a lot going for it. However, all this quality get lost in the every day live, the park almost unused. The challange that lies ahaead is one of atracting people. In order to do this their is no need to improve the whole park, it is more a challenge of atracting people to the inner environment of the park. By making this atraction react on the activity inside the park it might be possible to attract more people of the same target group ore in the most utopic case to let different groups enjoy the space together.


Create a interactive intervention to attract people to the inside of the of the site, while at the same time the inside get's enhanced by creating a environment where the outstanding capability's of the context are exposed ore possible experienced. A big mirroring cone shape in the middle of the park tracking al the movement in the surrounding. With LED'S these movements are shown. On the bottom of the cone a display should present the exposed subjects in the park and with LED it can show the way.

Surrounding it al is still the park with it's unique quality's.

Concept attraction people
Lay out attraction site
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