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In traditional design analysis, the architect plays a very dominant role in all the decisive factors of the programme and form. Often, assumptions are made to what the site qualities are. Analysing the brief, Atom 7 will focus on providing possibilities rather than dominating the site properties. This attempt is to weaken the influence of the architect. Through systematic design processes, the brief is analyzed using transparency, precision and certainty to validate the project analysis. Through the analysis of the actors, site and public sphere's, the brief and parameters that Atom 7 has set for the project has been summarized as follows:

a. See more Interaction between Alumni and Students on site.

b. More Alumni participation with the University and it's users.

c. More public exposure of student projects.

d. A park that is appreciated by its users.

e. Expose children to higher tertiary education(al live).

Our Understanding of the Brief:

The location is the " De Vries van Heyplantsoen". The open park is located next to the TU Delft architecture building and is close to the city centre of Delft.

Our main challenge for the project is to populate the site. We want more people to benefit from the positive qualities of the site. A critical analysis of the users and site will lead to a clear systematic process in which the project will be realised. Currently the main concern is collecting data from Ecotect for the site properties and a participation project of actors on the site. This will give accurate approach and reasoning for our design images. See analysis for more information on this phase of the project.

Personal Goals of Atom 7

1. Explore the capability of the site and see how it can become more lively and interesting space.

2. Gain awareness how technology can change people's experience

3. We want critically explore hyperbody's level of thinking and compare it to our traditional way of thinking about architecture.

4. Explore new fabrication methods for difficult geometries


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