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1. Concept / Challenge Week 1.1 - 1.6 (36-41) / Tue Sep 6th - Fri Oct 14th For each atomic project you will design your own design brief, formulate your design challenge in terms of opportunities and problems. Also, you will establish a clear description of your project on a conceptual level. You will have to identify and connect to actual persons who can put actual demands on your project. These persons you can be clients or stakeholders, found at companies, institutions, the municipality, among inhabitants, future users, or others.

excerpt from Design Brief: [Design brief]

Our Understanding of the Brief.: For this Msc 1 hyperbody project the assignment is to plan a intervention improving a given location. The location is the " De Vries van Heyplantsoen". It is an open park located in the TUD campus and near the city centre of Delft.

Sketch Proposal

We as Atom 7 have been exploring and indentifying different actors that define the site. We have identified two types of actors that are present. The first are termed as influential. They are dominantly made up of individuals who interact directly with the site. These include passerby’s, students, the church, botanical garden and traffic. The other group is made up of ‘potential’ or viable actors which we would want to include formation of a brief. These include TOP (Techniese Ontmoetings punt), TU Delft and the science centre. Through the collaboration of these groups, we propose that there should be a meeting point for science, education and media to be established on our site.



We started by looking at possible actors surrounding the site. We made a List of Actors and came to the conclusion there should be a subdivision in the choice actors. By naming and investigating their interest in the site we slowly begun to form a first idea for the site.

Site Qualities

Pros and Cons of the Site

Positive factors:

1.It is a buffer zone (or bridge) connecting the BK City and Science Centre

2.Plants are flourishing

Negative factors:

1.Entrances are too inconspicuous to attract people's attention

2.Excess plants block the penetration of the vision and affect the accessibility

3.Lacking of hard pavement and plaza for people to stay

4.Benches are in very bad conditions

5.Most space are enclosed with plants,lack of open space

6.Lack of visual monitoring

7.Lacking of lamps

Map of the Site

Kaart mijnbouwplein 2sataliet.jpg


Diagrams on the Northern and Southern Boundaries




interviews with:

- Science center (influence and use / possible client)

- students (influence and use)

- Local Inhabitant (influence and use)

- Top Board technical meeting point delft (possible client and reference)


Deep connection with actors has given rise to a demand/potential for a exhibition and meeting point.

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