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Interview with Jan Brouer of TOP

What is the goal of the TOP organisation exactly?

To combine technique, design and art. These combinations should be made through; lectures, discussions, workshops and a designshop

What is your target group?

Everybody interested. Designers, architects, researchers (TNO and TUD but also other), artist and the citizens of Delft.

How many people use TOP?

The design shop has 15000 visitors Lectures, discussions and workshops => 40 a year * 50 visitors = 2000

How often do you facilitate for activities and on which houers?

2 a week, wednesday evening and weekends

How do appreciate youre current location?

We are happy with it, it is large, flexible and a good location

What are the spatial measures of your current location?

600m2, yes

How are you connected to the City of Delft?

Personal contact on informal bases, sometimes subsidies

How are you connected to the TU Delft?

Personal contact on informal bases, we sometimes exhibit their products

How are you connected to the Science Centre?

Personal contact on informal bases, we sometimes exhibit their products

What do you think of a place inside the university campus? (this could varies from a folly or art to a building with space for lectures)

we are happy in ouer current place, with a new concept wich we are not yet using we might be interested to extend.

What is your point of view of sharing a possible building?

We are alreayd sharing a building with HYPO, the lunchcafe and the designshop.

after these questions we entered a conversation where it became clear TOP sometimes would like to use an outside space to exhibit certain objects which need more space. They have no intention of moving, however some of their exhibitions would have been better closer to the TUDELFT so people with knowledge could support the exhibition. One of the problems Jan saw was the seperation between the use. To link the students to the citizens it would be neccesary to find a moment in the day both of them are in the neighberhood. In a normal day student would be there during working houers and visitors would be there after working houers.

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