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System Theory

Here you can find the conclusions of the different analysis we made. Through this research we found out that there were several disadvantages at the site which we need to change.

For more information look at > Analysis.

Surrounding System.jpg

The analysis showed us that,

A. The site is part of a bigger system.

But it is not interacting with these systems.

> Site Systems from Analysis


We found several issues which keeps people from getting into the site.

B. The site has two big barriers which form the boundaries.

C. The site is not useful for its surrounding.

Conclusion C is also a result of the boundaries mentioned in conclusion B.

According to the Analysis/Research and its conclusions,

The site and its surrounding has all kind of SYSTEMS:

Traffic system, Green system, Water system, Neighborhood facilities etc...

Only with all these specific systems working well, the area can be functioned to be persistently stable.

But all of the issues which we got from the interviews, analysis and theories, leaded to the final conclusion;

D. The site is a DEAD SYSTEM.

We made some different > scenario's to investigate how to make the site living and open again.

Go to the > Systems Theory to find out how the system theory is shaping the site.

Achieving the Concept

There are different ways to construct > the magic wave, the reference we showed at the end of the concept page was inspiring us but is not achievable.

During the interview with B. van Arem we got some inspiring ideas and should do more research about this. As Mr. van Arem told, Mr. de Ridder could probably help us with this.

But for some ideas you can find references on the > Project page.


Online Sources;

- Wikipedia Systems

PDF Files;

- Architecture, interaction, systems

- Architectural relevance of gordon pask

- An Outline of General System Theory (1950)

- The Theory of Open Systems in Physics and Biology

- Architectural relevance of cybernetics
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