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What defines an effective and efficient system? And How is a regular system organized?


A SYSTEM is a set of various Components with different Relationships.

SYSTEM: a set of interacting or interdependent components forming an integrated unity.

Components: In mathematic, an element, which is the components in a system, or member of a set is any one of the distinct objects that make up the set.

Relationship: A relationship is normally viewed as a connection between two individuals.


Systems have structures, defined by components and their composition.

Systems have behaviors, which involes inputs, processing and outputs of material, energy, information or data.

Systems have interconnectivities, which the various part of a system have functioned as well as structure relationships to each other.


Systems sometimes have boundaries.

Isolated system - A system with a closed boundary and it does not interact with the surroundings at all.

Closed system - A system with a half closed boundary, only exchanges energy.

Open system - A system without a boundary makes itself integrated and interacts with the surroundings.

What's the site like now? - The Current Site-System:

System Site 10.jpg


Sys 4.jpg

Why doesn't the (site) "system" work well at the moment?

We think it doesn't because it's an ISOLATED system.

Referring to the conclusion of Scenarios, to make an OPEN SYSTEM is the best solution.

For further description: Interview Analysis.


Sys 5.jpg

How to organize the (site) "system" to be an OPEN SYSTEM?

An open system should have 3 criteria:

As an open system, each component has a certain behavior. Component A's behavior affects component B, and B gives feedback to influent A, this is a complete interconnectivity and interaction.



To improve the current (site) "system" by activating it, making it more open, integrating it with the surroundings and attracting more visitors.


Aim System.jpg

To Create A Dynamic System by Parametric Method

- Restore the site to make it a useful component of the surroundings;

- Reorganize the site itself to be an effective and efficient system - an OPEN SYSTEM.

The image on the left describes the relationship between 2 components:

They're linked and affecting each other when one of the

Three criteria (Components, Behavior and Interconnectivity) changes.


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