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Inhabitants: why people should need disruption

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Every time you start a new project the first step should be to ask what the client wants. People have two types of desires, those due to the will and those due to the unconscious.

In our case inhabitants do not recognize their need for change as they are not sensitized to this issue.

There are two types of change:

  • the first occurs in a system that remains unchanged;
  • the second type changes the system itself.

From a psycological point of view people want the first but they need the second.

We can find this idea in Francesco Talesco thinking as in other famous psychologists.

What we are really intersting in is the critical event, the disruption event that can change the system in a better one.

"Per far decollare il cambiamento occorre stimolare in un gruppo sufficientemente ampio l'urgenza del cambiamento, senza il quale anche le iniziative più brillanti cominceranno ad arrancare fino ad arrestarsi. Anche in un ambiente in cui il mutamento è ormai una costante, questa capacità di sentire il nuovo diventa cruciale per il miglioramento dei risultati."

Jhon Kotter, E’ ora di cambiare

"To jump-start the change it should stimulate in a group large enough the urgency of change, without which even the brightest initiatives will begin to trudge up till stopping. Even in an environment where change is a constant, this ability to feel new situation becomes crucial for improving the results."

Jhon Kotter, Leading change

Who are people involved in this project?

  • Inhabitants
  • Student of the Tu Delft
  • TU Delft emplyees
  • Science centre emplyees

Companies of the Science centre

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