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To critique our research and overall conceptual momentum, we contacted and opened a dialogue with two professionals in the fields of Psychology and Phenomenology. We also interviewed students to get their feedback on the park and their desires from such a site.

Patrick Healy

Senior Lecturer of Aesthetics and the Philosophy of Science, Delft School of Design
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M. Dudley Weems M.D.

Lead Psychiatrist, University of Georgia Dr. Weems has, with over 25 years of experience in Student Health, a keen since of the basic principles that govern our behavior. In the following interview he discusses some of these principles, as well as his take on what the term intimacy means.

Architecture Students

Many architecture students from the TU Delft participated in a survey we created to address the needs of the park. The results and interpretations of that survey can be found here.

Forthcoming Connections

Contact has been made or will be made with the following individuals, and the results of those appointments will be updated here at a later date.

Deborah Hauptman

Associate Professor of Architecture, Delft School of Design

Inge Verhoeven

Student Psychologist, Student and Career Support

Botanical Gardens

TU Delft Botanical Gardens

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