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  1. the state of being intimate: familiarity
  2. something of a personal or private nature

synonyms: belonging, closeness, inseparability, familiarity, nearness

Intimacy of the Refuge

Pollanhouse.jpg “We are hypnotized by solitude, hypnotized by the gaze of the solitary house; and the tie that binds us to it is so strong that we begin to dream of nothing but a solitary house in the night. With the example of the hut and the light that keeps vigil on the far horizon, we have shown the concentration of intimacy in the refuge

Gaston Bachelard

Intimacy of Fire

Kampvuur.jpgFirecircles.jpg Fire clearly defines the boundaries of intimate space in the concentric zones that surround it.
The element itself is untouchable, thus it is an impenetrable barrier of sorts.
Next comes 20 - 30 centimeters of space which is too hot for human occupation.
The third zone from the center is finally safe and comfortable enough for human occupation.
The next zone is marked by light but not heat.

Ultimately, the light and heat are no longer noticable, the intimacy of the fire becomes intangible.

Intimacy of Human Nearness

Passillion (link is in French)

Based on the theme of passion, this poetic project attempts to address the meeting, marriage and separation of a French art teacher (the client) and her late husband. The follie, as the function describes, is located on the client’s property in Giverny, France. Situated in the woods but overlooking an expansive hay field, the project responds to certain conditions of intimacy that are embedded in our subconscious.

Own space.jpg

Edge condition.jpg

This one small project actually embodies many examples from Alexander’s Pattern Language, including: [vertical] intimacy gradient, entrance room, a room of one’s own, and hierarchy of open space (referring to the siting).

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