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Preliminary Research

A simple survey indicated that the park is used by very few people. This survey also indicated that most students prefer a park with nature and open green space.

centered centered


Students need a nearby space of refuge to escape to when overwhelmed.
Some of the results of the survey are displayed below.
Our interpretation of these results is:
The site is already natural, yet it also has adequate open green space. Therefore, the site, as it stands, should be enough to satisfy a large number of students.

Phenomenological Contributors

"...continued search for a concrete understanding of the environment...The concept of existential space is devided in the complementary terms "space" and "character", in accordance with the basic psychic functions "orientation" and "identification"...."Thing, order, character, light and time are the basic categories of concrete natural understanding."

by Christian Norberg-Schulz, "Genius Loci Towards a phenomenology of architecture"

Sense of Space


The senses operate at different distances from the body
An understanding of this principle is critical to any proposal dealing with intimacy.

Gathering vs. Isolation

Park guell analysis.jpg

Concave or "Sociopetal" spaces encourage gatherings based on their geometry.
The opposite is true for "Sociofugal" spaces.

Axes of Place


A space becomes a place as a factor of its



different conditions of feeling

Perception of Nearness

Intimacy scale.jpg

Distance as a human spatial indicator

Gathering in Practice

Sociopetal space.jpg

Encouraging Communication through employment
of sociopetal/sociofugal spaces.

Psychological Contributors

Publicly / Private Space

A room of one's own.jpg

Everyone needs privacy at some point.
Therefore, small private spaces should be provided
in any public space that hopes to be successful.

Centered Common Areas

Common areas at the heart.jpg

Social space is a need of all groups.
By providing common areas near smaller alcoves.

Entrance Room

Entrance room.jpg

The threshold is a powerful communcation tool.
The act of entering and exiting a not the same,
thus should each be treated with respect.

Intimacy Gradient

Intimacy gradient.jpg

Space should be organized in relation to increasing privacy the deeper one progresses toward the center

Protection and View

Heirarchy of open space.jpg

Provide protection to the rear and a view to a larger open space.
This will encourage gatherings and it disarms the natural human fear of being surprised.

Vertical Intimacy Gradient


A reference project for the idea of an intimacy gradient.
The most public spaces are on the ground floor.
The second level is only for 2 people.
The third level just for one.

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