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Multi Programmable space

Atom 07_Proposal

In this project we will make an adaptable intervention. Controlled by users, the site will answer to the desires and needs of the user. This will be done by an intervention able to change shape, function, appearance and experience. This will be done by introducing a flexible system which will be permanently placed on the site. By enabeling the users to design the site through an interface they will be part of the design. In the current concept there is a option of overruling, so reservations can be made for financial backing.

The current list of demands came forward out of a research of different users. In the research it became clear mutiple actors where interested and will have different demands. To answers these demands as good as possible more research on the individual potential of elements is nessecary.

Further information on the initial phase of this project can be found at the page of Atom07

Different typology.jpg


Still in Progress:

Storyboard 1.jpg Storyboard 2.jpg Storyboard 3.jpg


The future park should be able to adapt to the needs of users in order to attract them. The research of Atom 7 provided a preliminary list of demands for this project which will be shortly elaborated here. Speaking to different actors we came up with a list of demands. To make sure validators become users and the project will flourish, a list of demands is mandatory. This list is a first view on the needs and desires of different actors and will be extended in the future.

- It should mainly be an outside space with the option of making a roof or shelter from wind and rain.

- It should be able to accomadate different functions, for now being:

--- Landscape for sitting, relaxing, lunching.

--- Seats and benches

--- Exhibition space

--- Outside movie theatre

--- A stage

--- Landscape for gathering/drinks (should be able to have bar area)

- Basics like

--- Electricity

--- Water/plumbing

--- Toilet or space for a toilet

- It should protect art from climate

- It should be vandal proof

- It should be durable and low maintenance

- Designable by users

- Rentable

- Active without participation of user(who rented the space)









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