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Atom 07_Proposal

The project is an adaptable intervention. Controlled by users, the site will answer to the desires and needs of the user. This is done by an intervention able to change shape, function, appearance and experience. By enabeling the users to design the function of the intervention through an interface, they will become part of the design. In the current concept there is a option of booking, so reservations can be made for financial backing of this project. For the manifesto of this project look at the atom 7 homepage

The current list of demands came forward out of a research of different users. In the research it became clear mutiple actors where interested and will have different demands.

Further information on the initial phase of this project can be found at the page of Atom07

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Still in Progress: Tells a story from the viewpoint of different users and actors

Storyboard 1.jpg Storyboard 2.jpg Storyboard 3.jpg


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The park will in the future be able to adapt to the needs of users in order to attract them. The research of Atom 7 started with a search for the future users and clients. In this second phase these validators are still contacted and their comments can be found at the link at the bottom of the page. To make sure validators become users and the project will flourish, a list of demands is used to make sure that all the demands are met. In the following pages you can find the details of the project. Validation is done by users, clients, technical research and prototyping.

Bird view-02.jpg Interioratom07.jpg CIMG13394.jpg Exhibition Close Up01.jpg

Timeline Development

Timeline Development02.jpg Timeline Development03.jpg


Scenario 1 a3.jpg Scenario 2 a3.jpgScenario 3 a3.jpg

Scenario 4 a3.jpgScenario 5 a3.jpgScenario 6 a3.jpg


The elements in this project all work within the same principle. In this principle it is possible to move according the neighbouring elements. For now the elements have a cubix shape, this shape is open for changes as long as the main mechanical principles can be placed within the elements.

20111205170019 5m43s.png 20111204160343 1h18m16s.jpg 20111204143835 50m4s.jpg 20111204174412 1h34m58s.jpg

Result of Phase II

For Atom 07, the creation of a variety of spaces was important, but in order to do so, the design of the system had to be developed first. The purpose of the second phase was to test and express the validity of the systems. From the start of the project, the notion of having a realistic concept was important to the group. The approach has been to design the system and mechanisms from a bottom up approach, ensuring that the design can be viable as the mechanism is working. In the next phase the results of the research will be used to make the project sensitive to the placement within the park and expressed in the socio - economical context of Delft.

The use of formal geometry (boxes) for the structure has been used to firstly understand the forces that are at play and secondly to help visualize and create the grasshopper interface. Now that this has been achieved, further development of the architectural intervention and spatial qualities will be addressed in the final phase.









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