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On this part of the website you will find more information about the research conducted for this project. User behavior, materials and references are some of the topics.

User behavior

Bar analysis

Observation01 Observation02 Observation03

Observation04 Observation05 Observation06

Intervention Analysis

In the Orange Lecture hall several seating arrangements were set up to see the response from people. The users were able to adapt to the experiment to suite their demands. The set ups varried from comfortable to obstructive seating layouts.


- Bigger effort made to have a comfortable seat.

- Diverse arangement of spaces, caters for larger user group.

- People sit closer to their point of interest.

- Person will adapt to given situation.

- People only change elements when necessary.

- Difficulties changing elements embarrass people.

Test01 Test02 Test03

Test03 Test4a Test04b


Format of Form bar.jpgFormat of Form goal.jpg

Format of Form pavement.jpgFormat of Form table.jpg

Format of Material Form-01.png


During the investigation for this project we ran in to this precedent. In this project of MIT two pixelated layers were placed on top of each other. All of these pistons are able to move up and down to create space or a landscape.

Archdaily sparc.jpg

This project has some comparable properties with this project so let's see what are the quality's of this project and what we might learn out of this precedent.


- Highly pixelated which gives a freedom

- One actuator per piston

- Individual controlable

- Big differences between neigboring pistons possible


- Supported by a framework, this connection can't be lost.

- Always vissible / present.

- Fixed movement possibillity's, in relation to the frame

for more information on this project: SPARC on ArchDaily

Previous research

For more research we refer you to ouer Atom page.

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