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For the mechanics Several principles have been tested. Also different motors have been looked at. At project_G:Different_systems there is a conclusion about this research.


In this project of MIT, two pixelated layers are placed on top of each other. Pistons within the structure of the blocks are able to move up and down. This controls the height of the blocks.

Archdaily sparc.jpg

This project follows the same theme of 'pixelation'. For the intervention of Atom07 in the park, there is a need to have both indoor and outdoor spaces. This led to the development of a new system, where the mechanism of the block units are placed inside of the box. See system page for more details.


- Highly pixaelation which gives higher resolution of shape and form

- One actuator per piston

- Individual controlled

- No connections needed between units


- Supported by a framework, needs both floor and ceiling space

- Always visible / present

- Fixed movement possibillity's, in relation to the frame

for more information on this project: [1]

Prototyping 1:50

Box1381.jpg Box1396.jpg Box1406.jpg Box1409.jpg Box1412.jpg Box1417.jpg Box1423.jpgBox1424.jpg Box1429.jpg Box1432 copy.jpg Box1435.jpg Box1437.jpg

User behaviour

Bouwpub and Orange Room Analysis

Observation01 Observation02 Observation03

Observation04 Observation05 Observation06

Intervention Analysis

In the Orange Lecture hall several seating arrangements were set up to see the response from people. The users were able to adapt to the experiment to suite their demands. The set ups varied from comfortable to obstructive seating layouts.


- Bigger effort made to have a comfortable seat

- Diverse arrangement of spaces, caters for larger user group

- People sit closer to their point of interest

- Person will adapt to given situation

- People only change elements when necessary

- Difficulties changing elements embarrass people

Test01 Test02 Test03

Test03 Test4a Test04b


A study looking at properties of different materials

Format of Form table small.jpg Format of Form goal01.jpg Format of Form pavement01.jpg

Format of Form bar01.jpg Format of Material Form-01.png

Previous research

For more research refer to Atom page.

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