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Welcome at the wiki of Atom 01. Here we will describe the theory behind our design including all the background information like interviews and references. the picture below contains a direct link to our designed platform. To the right you'll find all the general information.

We also have a project page Banner.png




And us:

Joost Noorden
Koen Kegel

Please use our feedback form and help us improve.

Public progress document

Follow us on Twitter: @HyberPublicNL

Our website (under construction) :


Concept Interaction.jpg

Creating a HyperPublic space, making direct interaction possible between the users of this space and enhancing their collaboration, knowledge and general information gain. This space should be easily accessible without excessive borders or restrictions.


Reference Programme.png

We design the tools needed in order to reach our goal and making the concept work. These tools are designed based on the demands from the different atoms and teachers: the users of our HyperPublic space. According to the questionnaires held, we divided the tools in four categories: Activities, Information, Interaction and Rewards.


References Pachube.jpg

In order for us to design the tools we need, we need examples showing us how it is done before and what tools actually work or have the desired effects. In the four categories chosen we describe a number of references. These can either be website, literature or professor/company contacts.

HyperPublic : Home

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