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From the beginning of our site analysis, it became obvious found that loudness (human perception of sound magnitude) to be an important element. This is a consequence of the surrounding streets and their constant traffic; which in turn results in a site treated as a crossing (temporary)space rather than congregational, as the area was originally intended. In order to integrate the site back to area, and bring the community closer, we want to explore the relationship between space and sound, how a structure reacts to it, and how to altered it. Sound manipulation is a powerful tool to generate space, it can effectively influence people and their spatial experience.

problem and analysis


The De Vries van Heystplantsoen site has a strong natural character. Unlike its surroundings, it is a rare and powerful urban typology in Delft. It is an isolated site and its introversion is stressed by the plantation barrier on the periphery. However once inside, we experienced a variety of areas with a distinctive character,we chose the 8 most memorable and categorized them based on their relationship with the borders.

site conditions

By means of observation and interviews with locals,we confirmed that noise, prevents users from fully enjoying the area; although the site has the physical appearance of a park, the sound levels from the street discourage users from typical park scenario activities - even with this condition, the site remains unmodified enforcing the lack of programmatic definition.

Access to the park is difficult, as the entrances are uninviting and are not strategically placed. This again results in many inhabitants, students and staff refraining from visiting the park; this lack of activity becomes also a safety issue.


Our clients are a local organization TU-Noord and the recipients to the survey which is set up by atom 03. During our interviews with park users, we were told that TU-Noord had the mission to preserve the majority of buildings in the area of the TU Delft north campus area. Their mission is for the neighborhood and maintain the environment pleasantly liveable. That means that the recipients to our survey are represented by TU Noord also. TU-Noord also has a workgroup which discusses about the characteristics of the park (De Vries van Heystplantsoen) and its surroundings. The fact that they have such a workgroup made us curious about the TU-Noord as an organization. More information about the organization, what are their goals and their ideas concerning the park became available through an interview with Erik van Hunnik (chairman of TU-Noord).

further information on this organization and their goals available at


input / output

Integrate the site with the surroundings ,attract visitors and generate varied activity with spaces developed by manipulation of sound.


Any design decision can manipulate sound, but interesting and controlled sound experiences result from interesting spaces. Our intervention is to create a variety of spaces that can manipulate or are manipulated by sound, this variety of areas is reminiscent of the one seen in the current site, but should be more memorable by means of a contrasting sequence of sound/space experiences.


additional information


further questionnaire information

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