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Mission Statement

The world has become a nomadic network enabling information and knowledge sharing – regardless of place and time. Our site is an example of a hole in the network. It is disconnected from the activities and the actors around it. It does not exist in virtual sense either.

Our intervention facilitates the redistribution of existing physical and virtual networks of different scales and kinds. The intervention intermediates the physical interaction and permits the actors to extend into the virtual social network in real-time and beyond our location.


After a physical analysis of the site and its close environment, we interviewed people on the location and surrounding institutes. We identified a network of actors and researched its structure to find the intermediators (the information gatekeepers) and understand the actor relations.


Currently the site exists in isolation. It has strict, impermeable borders; of vegetation, busy roads, and buildings. This thick block practically stops movement, the flows of people and information. The challenge is to reconnect the site with the surroundings, to create a central hub for integrating the entities around it.


Our idea is to facilitate redistribution of existing physical and virtual networks connecting various actors as a more coherent whole in real-time on our site and beyond our location.


1 Diny Tubbing (city council, green spaces)

2 Heleen Bothof & Pieter Delleman (residents association)

3 Michael van der Meer (Science Center, TU Delft)

4 students


1 Theorist Bruno Latour's Actor-Network theory. Networks, Societies, Spheres: Reflections of an Actor-Network Theorist, 2010/2011 pdf

2 Artist Tomas Saraceno creates architectural installations, closing the gap between science and art via networks of nodes and spheres

14 billions and Tomas Saraceno interview at SMK

3 Artist Simone Ferracina integrated a virtual garden in the Brooklyn botanical gardens

super natural garden

4 1972 Superstudio, Microevent/Microenvironment


Project site

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