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Site Qualities

In front of BK-City (Delft) lies the "De Vries van Heyplantsoen". In this park we are given the freedom to design an intervention to improve the given situation. By improving the (qualities of) site we try to let more people enjoy and experience the site. The goal of our proposal is to have more actors populate the site. In this way we make sure the qualities of the park won't get lost in time. By attracting people we add new/different qualities to the park -through an intervention which is able to adapt to the different needs of all the users. Simultaneously we will try to enrich ourselves with the Hyperbody way of thinking. The exact goals can be found under the Mission.

Kaart mijnbouwplein 2sataliet.jpg
Kaart mijnbouwplein 2.jpg
2 .png

Pros and Cons of the Site

Positive factors:

1.It is a buffer zone (or bridge) connecting the BK City and Science Centre

2.Plants are are diverse and well maintained

3.It is a nice open space

4.Near the inner city

Negative factors:

1.Entrances are too inconspicuous to attract people's attention

2.Excess plants block the penetration of the vision and affect the accessibility

3.Lacking of hard pavement and plaza for people to stay

4.Benches are in very bad conditions

5.Most space are enclosed with plants,lack of open space

6.Lack of visual monitoring

7.Lacking of lamps

Diagrams on the Northern and Southern Boundaries

Diagram site 1.png Diagram site 2.png


The site finds itself on the edge of the inner city as well as the border of University campus. Standing in the park one is able to see well defined buildings holding the site in place. These buildings are the representation of the big institution, TU Delft. The site is surrounded by TU Delft - the main actor, but ofcourse there are more parties which have relations to the site. In the scheme underneath they are made clear.

Connection Actors



Who can benefit from the site? This led to the quest for a potential client. After a brief research project, we found none (of the questioned) actors were interested in expanding to the site or using the site currently for their own benefits. As the interviews show they are however interested in a occasional use of the site. For this reason we did not define a specific client.


- Top Board technical meeting point delft

- Alumni office interview @TUDelft

- Questionaire with science centre and stylos (done by atom 1).


The intervention will be initiated, owned and maintained by a new compagny. This compagny will rent the space. Some of the possible scenario's:

- Artist rent the space to exhibit their own works.

- Bouwpub uses the location to have a special or bigger event.

- TUDelft organises lectures during summer nights or lunhcbreaks.

- Science centre will use the site to give a sneak preview of the inside (just like botanical garden)

- students rent the space to play soccer

- students rent the space to bbq


In order to have some solid grounds to foundate this project we need to research different aspects of the park. Instead of doing all this research we need to find expert on the different topics. Some of the topics we may look in to:

- Landscape, what makes a good park. When do people use it?

- Ergonomics, what are the demands of people for different functions?

- installations, what technique's are required to make it work?

- Materials, how do people relate to different materials? Which materials are fit for which use?

- Public space, how to create a flourishing space? What required?

- ....


Christopher Alexander, Pattern Language

Tchumi vs. OMA

Urban Landscapes


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