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Koen Kegel

Koen Kegel - Atom 1 : HyperPublic

I chose Hyperbody to understand the future of architecture better and to try and understand the qualities and speed of computer-aided architecture. After working on an RMIT project which was very practical and might even be realized, I felt Hyperbody would be the complete opposite. I hope to cherry-pick the best aspects of the Hyperbody design methods and combine them with my RMIT kind of thinking, so I can use them in my own architectural office in which I strive to create sustainable architecture. Hyperbody gives me a whole new look at what sustainability can mean and I'm eager to learn as much as I can at this studio.

Beside my work here at this MSc1 design course at Hyperbody, I've started up my own company, which is named Design by Evolution I also work for the Design for Sustainability department at industrial design and have worked at several architectural offices. I have been a boardmember of the Stylos study associaten of the Faculty of Architecture which organises interesting activities for the 3000+ students of the faculty. For more information about my professional career, you can take a look at my public LinkedIn page.

Any questions regarding this project, can be sent to our groups email address:[1]

Any work-related questions can be sent to me personally:[2]

Any other question you might have can be sent to:[3]

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