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The following topics determined the function and shape of our design:

Based on our Collaborative Design research we decided to create a physical design platform, to be constructed anywhere where needed. The scale of this design platform can be anywhere between a piece of furniture up to a complete pavilion. In order to make collaboration work with the present students and teachers, but also with the future ones, we created an Open Source design process. Also a Smart Construction method has been used so future users can quickly build, rearrange or replace parts of the design.




And us:

Joost Noorden
Koen Kegel

All our videos

Public progress document

Contact & Feedback

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Design Plan

Design Total Thumbnail.jpg

In this section we will explain what the design is all about, and how it came into being. from the research till the different options the design can handle on the protoDECK floor.

Realisation Plan

IMG 4673 cropped 2300x1200.jpg

In this section we show our plan of actually realising our design, and the lessons we learn from that. We also show how we validate our design through our users and clients.

Plan of relationships

Plan of relationships.jpg

In this section all the design relations with the clients users and experts are shown in scheme and explained.

HyperPublic : Home

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