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Concept 1

Problem Statement:

How can the site transcend its static condition and have a more active role to play as a connection between different actors?

Analysis of the site indicates that it is in a condition where it has contesting issues of stagnant/unused space with the potential of becoming more active in its use.


Create a ‘strandbeest’ which is site specific. By its interaction on site, it will:

1. Create drama – which will lead to more actors wanting to be part experiencing the site.

2. With the change in condition on site, it has the potential to morph into an exhibition space, meeting place or art installation.

Strand Beeste:

Poster 1+2

Theo Jansen has created pvc moving machines - rightfully named strandbeeste. They are powered by the wind which is captured by its flaps and wings. They move freely on the beach once they have generated enough energy. With simple mechanisms they are able to control their movement so that they do not move into the water or get blown away by the wind. They have the ability to survive on the beaches.

Watch the Ted Talks video on the Strand Beeste for more information:

Theo Jansen's Strandbeest

Collage of Strandbeest

Poster 3+4

Concepts like the plug in city, (peter cook 1964), and Ron Herron’s Walking city, help show the idea of cities to be more orientated to place emphasis on real time situations and changeable programmes.

The concept of a moving city carries a strong notion of architecture that adapts itself to real time situations and conditions.

Collage of Ron Herron's 'Moving City'

Conceptual Collage of Archigram's work
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