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This is a general content list page of the MSc1 Hyperbody course wiki.

For the complete overview and most up-to-date information go to the Introduction page.


Design studio

design studio brief

design studio calendar

design studio atoms

atom specialisation breakdown

phase I end-review

make DS1 Appointments here


Atom 01 - Koen, Joost

Atom 02 - Niklas, Jacob, Lieke, Liviu

Atom 03 - Ioli, Timo, Felipe, Jan

Atom 04 - Miyushi, Alvin, Zhu

Atom 06 - Katja, Manon, René, Manuel

Atom 07 - André, Frederich, Michael

Atom 08 - Fani, Jeannette, Anurag

Atom 09 - Esther, Wilton, Mohammed

Atom 10 - Kelwin, Merwin, Anna

Atom 11 - Mirjam, Nate, Lubomir


Project A - Atom 01-06-07-11

Project B - Atom 01

Project C - Atom 02

Project D - Atom 03

Project E - Atom 04

Project F - Atom 06

Project G - Atom 07

Project H - Atom 08

Project I - Atom 09

Project J - Atom 10

Project K - Atom 10-11

Project L - Atom 11

Architectural Studies

architectural studies brief

architectural studies calendar

Per Workshop: W01 W02

Media Studies

media studies brief

media studies calendar

Per Session: S01 S02 S03

Reading Material

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