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By discovering different elements shape functionality advantages and disadvantages, it is possible to find the right match with the desires in the future.

Moving elements


Different typology.jpg

A first look at the elements already shows a single element will probably will not be able to create all the different spaces.

Multi Programmable space Multi Programmable space

Multi Programmable space Multi Programmable space

More sketches about possible use of elements

Unit Development

These unit's can hold different features within it's body.

Development of Option A


Due to the volume of the elements it is possible to engineer the elements. The volume make sure technique's can be added to the elements, these technique's make sure the elements are able to take on all kind of shapes. By doing so a lot of different shapes/spaces can be made by one element.

Development of Option B


The free forms are very elegant and organic in nature. The list of demands from the users all mention the need for enclosed and secure space. The Option B has the draw back that it is very soft and not as durable as the other Options, thus making it not a viable choice for the open site.

Development of Option D

Scan folding3.jpg

The freedom of the folding element makes it the perfect element to create a covered space or a shelter towards the elements. A disadvantage of this element is the planar. The elements need to be thick and strong ore should be carried by a secondary construction. It will not float in air.


Actors can consult the information desk where we will provide them with some possibilities or suggestions of spatial arrangement instead of fixed functions.Then they can organize the functions all by themselves by combining the units into different space.(refer to Concept)


The intervention is able to provide people something new/extra, not yet available in the park. In order to do so we make an intervention which consists of different smaller elements. Together these elements are able to create different spaces and landscapes resulting in the hope of the expected ineffable space. These elements have some unique features dedicated to specific users.


The Atom has finalised its concept for the first phase of the project. The future development will advance to that of the project page.


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